How Choi, the weightlifer, became Choi, the golfer

K.J. Choi. Pic: Getty Images

Interestingly, Choi’s calling to golf was also by sheer luck. He recalled a time during high school when he was drafted into the golf team, even though he was already established as a weightlifter. “It was fate that I became a golfer,” he said. “At that time, a golf team was being formed, and there was a recruitment drive. They picked members from the weightlifting team, including myself, and there were a total of 10 applicants, with the head coach lining us up, and then we were told to stand on the right side for the weightlifting team and on the left for the golf team. I was on the left side, so I became a golf team member. I still wonder why the coach told me to go to the left side.”

(Chuah Choo Chiang)

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