IGU to get recognition, fraternity relieved but no elections till all states ‘unlock’

V Krishnaswamy

New Delhi, June 20: Golf fans in India will be heaving a big sigh of relief as indications are clear that Indian Golf Union will once again be recognised next week. The Ministry is expected to send IGU the letter next week. It seems the IGU was able to convince that the lockdown due to Covid-19 presented a challenge to having an election.

The IGU understandably is waiting for the official letter to arrive before making any announcements.

While golf, as also other sports in India, are in a pause mode, the IGU, which has been hampered in many ways, will soon be able to function normally.

Yet, many in the golfing community are asking why elections could not be conducted when almost the whole country has now been ‘unlocked’ albeit with protocols to prevent spread of Covid-19.

Sources and supporters of the IGU maintain that the elections will be conducted as soon things ‘open’ in all states, which are still in lockdown. They cite states like Tamil Nadu, Punjab and some others as an example. Both these states are very active when it comes to golf.

The recognition will smoothen the path for the conduct of India’s top tournament, the Hero Indian Open in the latter part of 2020. While the dates have not been announced, it has been made abundantly clear by the Asian Tour and European Tour, that the HIO 2020 is likely to be scheduled in late October, assuming Covid-19 is under control and international travel restrictions are eased.

The Indian Open unlike the other international events in India is conducted under the aegis of the Indian Golf Union and the storied event has been held since 1964.

Juniors, who are regularly sent for foreign exposure and the Indian amateur teams, can also be relieved and the local circuit can take place with much better organisation.

The pending recognition of the IGU was a source of much worry for the fraternity, and now if only they can also conduct the elections, it will be will be smooth sailing on the greens.


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